Samantha Sex Doll With Artificial Intelligence

In the future, the worlds most expensive sex doll “Real Doll” dolls should no longer be allured by optical stimulation: their creator works to make them artificially intelligent.

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Matt McCullen, a Californian artist and provider of remarkably realistic sex doll, wants to expand his creation to artificial intelligence. “I want to create something that appeals to someone on an emotional-intellectual level, not just on a purely physical level,” He intends to launch the first artificial intelligence products in 2017.

From an art object to an AI sex doll

McCullen came to the sex toys business, according to his own will, in the mid-1990s, he created realistic-looking and freely movable female dolls, which were intended only as an art project. But several people pressed him to make them sexually usable. McCullen founded Abyss Creations in the late 1990s, since which he has sold about 5,000 dolls.

With Artificial Intelligence McCullen does not try for the first time to technically expand his creations: For a while, he also offered a retrofittable hip actuator and later a version with sensors that responded with recorded utterances to touch. Both were not really well and were set again.

Interactive Sex doll: Moving eyes, lips and tongue

As he says, McMullen could have released a doll in 2013 with a few expressive possibilities, verbal interaction and moving eyes. But the technology had not gone so far that it would have been a real enhancement to his sentiment, rather than just making the dolls somehow scary and strange. But now he seems to be getting closer to his goal with the help of former employees of Hanson Robotics. In his laboratory, there is already a female artificial head with moving eyes, lips and tongue, which gives meaningful answers to questions.

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