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Realistic Sex Doll

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This is the full meal deal. You get EVERYTHING from head to toe. Our best selling sex doll even comes with a G Spot for the ultimate in realistic playtime. View All

Lifelike Spinner Doll With Shrugging Shoulders
Lifelike Petite Young Sex Doll: NEWEST enhanced skeleton with plenty of upgrades. Multi-jointed back for amazing posing. Multi jointed neck and shrugging shoulders as well. Life-like skin texture on her most Private of areas Detail OF hands and feet even her “ backdoor” are superior. No...
$1,800.00 $1,250.00
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157cm B-Cup Japanese TPE Sex Doll Saki
157cm B-Cup Japanese TPE Sex Doll Saki Size: Height: 5.2ft / 157cm Weight: 62lbs / 28kgs Bust: 26in / 67cm Waist: 19in / 48cm Hip: 30in / 77cm Vagina Depth: 6.7in / 17cm Anal Depth: 6.7in / 17cm Oral Depth:...
$1,800.00 $1,550.00
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Real Life Doll With Enhanced Skeleton
Real Life Anime Sex Doll Features: NEWEST enhanced skeleton with plenty of upgrades. Multi-jointed back for amazing posing. Multi jointed neck and shrugging shoulders as well. Life-like skin texture on her most Private of areas Detail OF hands and feet...
$1,800.00 $1,250.00
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Tanned Full Body Sex Doll For Sale
Full Body Sex Doll For Sale Size: Height: 5.3ft / 163cm Weight: 79.3lbs / 36kgs Bust: 33.85in / 86cm Waist: 24.4in / 62cm Hip: 37in / 94cm Vagina Depth: 7.5in / 19cm Anal Depth: 6.7in / 17cm Oral Depth: 5.1in...
$1,850.00 $1,599.00
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#Featured On anya sex doll

Why make anime sex doll Spinner?

After years of hearing about folks using wheel chairs and such things to move around their dolls...I said that there had to be a better way.
It's all about making it easy...
And Now we're very pleased to announce the arrival of our new young "Spinner" doll. She is a slightly scaled back version of our full sized anime dolls and she weighs a mere 50 lbs! (21 kilo) She is 4'5" (135cm). Just a wonderful size and weight to make everything easy.
Her tush is very available since her back has a dangerous curve! So be advised, you may never get out of bed... She is amazingly flexible and still holds many poses. Our super soft silicone formula is put to very good use with her.
I just spent an hour taking some photos and didn't break a sweat. She is a delight to move around, pose, have fun with...
I sculpted her with a very arched back, so she is quite "available"...and ,super soft.

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Why you make real sex doll Island girl?

Its an amazing story. Patrick and Sara traveled from the US to India years they had the chance to work with an amazing model.
That is one of the reasons she looks so life-like. Simply getting the initial mold back to the US meant they had to employ a local basket weaver to help them create a custom box.
In payment for this bamboo enhanced box they fed his family for nearly a year.
They sculpted and molded the details of this body over the next couple of years while casting their other works, wanting it to be perfect.
It was the first full body thick doll in the US that was sculpted in a standing position. She was ahead of her time. Turns out, because of that, Patrick and Sara’s desire to create the perfect big booty doll, that it was a great fit for the new TPE material.Now she can make great use of an upgraded skeleton as well.

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Private island beauties

After working with metal workers for several weeks, all the extra joints got well placed in the back, neck and shoulders. This way her flexibility and pose-ability are superior.
with her big ass, she is also balanced to stand on her own.
Years in the making, the amazing road to creating island girl has circled the world.
Now she is ready to come home to you. The response from our collectors has been unanimous in their praise.
Decades of sculpting, molding and casting experience have come together to create a super living doll. She stands , poses, big butt, and feels like a real model. It has been an adventure and our pleasure to bring her to you.
I am so thrilled with every aspect! Only issue is I ordered 2 and am waiting on one with the Eden head. Not really an issue but it is the only thing I am not thrilled with. Waiting...
she is so easy to pose and nookie time! See how happy our clients live with our real sex doll at Doll forum.

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