Best Sex Doll on the Market – Alexis


  • This love doll is made from TPE material, In order to make it looks more realistic, We are offering you a silicone head version.
    Please notice that the silicone head has NO Oral function.
    If you choose this silicone head option, Your doll will come with a silicone head and TPE body!

Best Sex Doll Features:

  • NEWEST enhanced skeleton with plenty of upgrades.
  • Multi-jointed back for amazing posing.
  • Multi-jointed neck and shrugging shoulders as well.
  • Life-like skin texture on her most Private of areas
  • Detail OF hands and feet even her “ backdoor” are superior.
  • No more twisting, JUST snap-on head.

Lifelike Sex Doll Measurements:

  • Height: 4’5″, 135 cm
  • Weight: 50 lbs., 21 kilo
  • Hips: 22.5″, 57 cm
  • Waist: 16″, 40.6 cm
  • Breasts: 25.5″, 65 cm
  • Shoulders: 11″, 27.9 cm
  • Under Breasts:18″, 45.7 cm
  • Inseam:24″, 61 cm
  • Foot length: 7″, 17.7 cm
  • Shoe Size:4.5, Euro 35
  • Arm length: 20″, 50.8 cm
  • Circumference of Thighs: 15.5″, 66 cm

Package List:

1*blanket, 1*pair of gloves, 1*cleaning Irrigator, 1*comb, 1* free wig,  1*vaginal heating rod, 1*random lingerie, 1*manual

Real Life Doll With Enhanced Skeleton

Customer Reviews

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She is SOOOO Crazy Soft

Got her a few weeks back as part of the "Craaaazy Special" but wanted to spend some time with her before making a review.

She is SOOOO Crazy Soft - Unbelievable... and WOW

So easy to pose with her skeleton - makes her seem lighter than she is...
My Ruby13 Presley (Platinum Silicone) is about the same weight... but my sweet Amanda seems lighter... and is MUCH easier to move around!

The TPE Quality is excellent... I have noticed little if any odor... and she is not the slightest bit sticky/tacky... even after a few showers!!!
By contrast... my Ruby13 Presley (Platinum Silicone) gets quite tacky over time... and definitely needs to be powdered after a shower... a must!

Do be careful however! Do not leave these TPE dolls in the same position for too long... I left my sweet Amanda in the sitting position for a couple of days... and it "dented" the TPE on her upper thighs and lower abdomen where they were pressed together in the sitting position...
It is slowly... very slowly... regaining its shape... will see if it fully recovers eventually...

So... I highly recommend storing her in the standing position so as to keep the pressure off of any particular area over extended time periods.
If you move her around daily you should be fine... just don't leave her with pressure against her over a weekend away, etc.

Overall... I have been VERY Pleased!!!

She is SUCH a pretty doll... her sweet little face just makes me want to smile :)

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