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For example, if you received a damaged dolls cased by shipping, We will help you by sending another replacement or offer you a fair discount, It will depend on the nature of the incident.

Once you place your order we will reach out by email to make sure that we got your doll details right.

Then we arrange to produce, Normally we can ship in one day, as we have many dolls in stock, If not, produce time is around 2-3 days, depends on your customized options. shipping time is 5-7 working days.

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All packages are delivered in discreet packaging,package including premium real sex dolls, instruction manual, lingerie outfit, a pair of glove, clean tools, wigs, comb, USB heater...

Before using the sex toy. disinfect with the disinfect spray. You can also use a wet disinfected cloth or a 75% alcohol swab to disinfect. Apply lubricant on the human body before using the sex toy in order to keep the inside sufficiently lubricated. Or wear a well lubricated condom. if the toy’s inner part is not well enough lubricated, it can easily lead to unwanted tears and gaps in the product.

After using the product, use clean water to remove the lubricate fluid and clean the inner part of the product. Use the sex toy’s disinfectant spray to disinfect, you can also use a disinfected cloth or a 75% alcohol swab to wipe clean the inner part.

Afterward, use warm water and wash for2-3 minutes. Dry naturally in the sun or use a towel to dry the inner part as well as the outer parts. Store outside of sunlight.

1/ [Head] The head can be raised from the front and from the back. This movement may not surpass a 45 degrees angle. The head can be turned left and right. This movement may not surpass a 45 degree angle.

2/ [Arms] The upper arm can be raised up to the chest for approximately 60 degrees. The upper arm can be slightly bent to the back for 20 degrees. Both sides can be raised horizontally up until they reach the chest. which is an approximately angle of 60 degrees. The lower arms can be bent 90 degrees in any direction.

3/ [Waist] The waist can be bent from the front and the back. It can be in an upright position or sitting down position.

4/[Legs] the thighs can be spread for a maximum of 170 degrees. A single leg can be lifted in an 100 degree angle. The knee joint can be bent in an 90 degree angle.

Your soul mate need your protections, please follow below steps:

1/ The doll' s simulated skin consists of imported polymer human silicone which is harmless and odorless. The placement of the silicone gel will last for along time. The surface has a subtle oily appearance which is a result of the silicone formula which contains silicone oil. Please use a towel to softly wipe it clean. Whenever the doll is used, the surface of the doll will collect dust and stains. To protect the skin' s good performance and clean surface. it is suggested to maintain the doll after a fixed period of time, The time period differs due to circumstance and environment. Generally once every month will suffice.

2/ Use a sponge or a towel dipped in warm water to softly clean the doll' s surface. Lf there is dirt or filth on the doll’s surface, use water-based liquid to wipe clean. By no means use force. Please do not use detergent with corrosive acid. strong alkali solutions, strong disinfectant liquids or detergents of that kind.

3/ Wait until the surface has been dried.It is beneficial for the protection of the skin of the doll to use antiperspirant or talc powder.

Protection of the doll can result in longer use. There are certain requirements for storing the doll. A good preservation environment can protect the doll' s inner parts as well as aging of the silicone skin. This can maximize The doll’s lifetime.

1/ Avoid direct sunlight. Exposure in direct sunlight for along period of time results in slight fading of the skin.

2/ Avoid excessive dust. Dust can easily attach the doll' s surface because it is glutinous and because of its electrically static properties. When storing the do1. avoid falling dust for inconvenient cleaning.

3/ Avoid moist storing environments. Water will be sucked in the material in moist environments, which is harmful for the doll. Using water or bathing the doll is no problem, but do not let it soak in the water for too long.

4/ Do not let the doll sit for too long on a leather seat or on a dyed leather seat. These kind of products will stain the doll. The colors will permeate the into the doll and will be hard to remove. Light colored or colorless clothing as well as a bag can be used to put the doll in for storage.

5/ Avoid too high or too low temperatures. The doll can not be in environments which temperatures are too high or too low The best storage temperatures lie between 5 degrees celsius and 35 degrees celsius. A blanket can be used to warm up the doll, but by no means exceed the maximum temperature to avoid colloid changes.

6/ Avoid circumstances in which the doll suffers pressure. Long time pressure will cause changes in doll' s shape. Do not put any weight on the doll. Avoid long time pressure or tightening of any part of the doll.

7/ The doll’ s material contains flammable articles. Store away from heat sources.

though the doll has four limbs that can move, still the movements have A limited range. When clothing the doll, be careful not to damage the skin. Pay attention to the next few steps:

1/ To protect the paste you can use antiperspirant. The doll’ s surface is glutinous. First use antiperspirant or talc powder before putting on cloths. If he doll is static, an anti-static spray can be used. By no means use excessive amounts of the spray.

2/ Avoid bending the limbs too far, When clothing the doll, do not twist the arms too high. This can cause the silicone surface to rupture.

3/ Pay attention to lacerations. Do not use clothing and accessories with Sharp edges. This can rip the doll. if the clothing contains sharp buttons,,chains et cetera , be very careful when putting on this kind of clothing.

4/ When piercing things like an ear or navel for jewelry, a thin iron wire or needle can be used to pierce a hole in the silicone gel. The diameter cannot exceed 0.5 millimeter. Do not use a knife or a sharp object to cut a hole. Do not pull at the attached accessory in order to protect the doll from damaging it.

5/ Protect from dye. Some clothing contains dyed man-made leather or other manufactured oil based colored materials. When these kinds of leather and/or materials are in contact for too long with the doll, their color can be absorbed by the inner parts of the doll. which can lead to discoloration of the doll’s skin. Do not use these kinds of clothing for too long to prevent accidental discoloration.

1/ The silicone gel is very soft, inappropriate use can easily lead to ruptures creases and even damage. When using the doll, do not use sharp materials that are in contact with the doll’s surface. By no means cut the doll. in case a cut.

2/ In case the doll's skin is ruptured, stop using it immediately and apply repairs. The silicone gel cannot be used with common adhesives When repairing the doll, use special glue. if the damage is not too big, you can try to mend it yourself, First, you can contact our customer service for obtaining special silicone repair kit. For specific methods, you Can consult us. For major damages, you can apply for the doll to be sent back to the factory to be repaired. Freight Cost will be the customer’s.

1/ The doll has been manufactured with polymer human silicone. Because of the silicone gel' s properties, improper use or improper shipping can result in damages or ruptures. When moving the doll, be sure to hold the torso. Do not use the limbs or head to move the doll. Our company will conduct free repairs to the doll half a year after the sell date. The plasticity of the gel however, cannot be repaired to match the state of brand-new production. Repairs will leave a scar which is unavoidable. The date in which the doll is bought, counts as the first day. During half a year after that. the company will repair the doll for free only once. Shipping costs are paid by the customer.

2/ This product can be bent freely and maintain a variety of positions, but should not be used to maintain the same position. It is recommended to occasionally change the doll' s position. Excessive activity or movement in a wide Angle can cause ruptures in the doll. Please use with care.

3/ Due to silicone gel casting. the doll will have slight impurities and markings on the surface. However, this does not influence the appearance and usage. The doll s shoulder head, hands and soles of the feet wil1 have slight markings due to the doll' s assembly. This is an unavoidable phenomenon.

4/ The doll is best used for individual use. When used, pay attention to cleaning maintenance Before and after attention to the hygiene of the doll. Avoid water to the electric control device. Do not let the doll make contact with (printing) ink to avoid smears. Prevent high temperatures and heat and fire sources, Be careful with the doll.

5/ On the body of the doll there are certain holes like the molds of the stitching and air bubbles. These are unavoidable in the industrial arts. These do not fall under quality issues.

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