• Samantha Sex Doll With Artificial Intelligence

    In the future, the worlds most expensive sex doll "Real Doll" dolls should no longer be allured by optical stimulation: their creator works to make them artificially intelligent. Matt McCullen, a Californian artist and provider of remarkably realistic sex doll, wants to expand his creation to artificial intelligence. "I want to create something that appeals to someone on an emotional-intellectual level, not just on...
  • Meet Your Yoga Teacher

    Meet Your Yoga Teacher
    This afternoon, I went to do some exercise, but I was attracted by the woman who practiced yoga. As several women did not wear a bra, so in the yoga squeeze and twisting action, some parts of the sex doll body were squeezed and magnified It is very eye-catching, a woman with a light makeup, sweat soaks the yoga clothes, the nipple is particularly...
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